48 Hours in San Francisco

Ahoy there friends!


This past week,  I spent a quick weekend in San Francisco for a job hunting conference Shin was attending.  Despite being born and raised on the west coast, I’d never been to San Francisco before and had no idea where to even start or what to do.  Luckily I was able to meet up with some friends of mine who live in the Bay Area and they were able to be my tour guides while Shin was job hunting.

We got in late, late Friday night so all we were able to do was check into our hotel, and of course, go on a hunt for a beer.  But we soon learned San Francisco, much like Seattle, shuts down around 11 PM.  We found a pretty cool izakaya that was luckily still open by Union Square, had a beer and some amazing takoyaki, and then called it an early night!


Shin woke up bright and early Saturday morning to go to his first interview so I got to relax in the hotel and hit up the fitness center, until I met up with my friends to go get some lunch. We had some beautiful weather and I actually got to wear shorts!  Shorts!  In February!  What a world!

And let me just say that all of the food we ate in San Francisco was absolutely amazing.  For lunch we ate at Farm : Table and I had their turkey burger and oh my god, it was life changing.  Any place with a line out the door has got to be good and this place did not disappoint.  After lunch we went to the Memebox warehouse sale (I’ll have a more detailed post of that experience shortly) and relaxed in a cafe until Shin was done with his interviews.


Once we grabbed Shin we sat in some famous California traffic in an Uber for over an hour to go the mile and a half from our hotel to Ghirardelli Square.  I wish I had brought my nicer camera or snapped some more photos with my phone, but it was pretty dark by the time we got there.  We bought some omiyage for my family and Shin’s family, ate some tasty barbecue, and of course, ate lots and lots of chocolate!


Sunday was another sunny and beautiful day, and while Shin had the last of his interviews I just shopped around the giant Westfield shopping center, and walked around the shopping district around Union Square to kill some time.  Shin finished up early that day so we got to eat lunch together in Japan Town.  Again, we picked our restaurant based on which had the longest line– so we ended up at Hinodeya Ramen Bar, and it was definitely worth the wait!

16880170_10210514974062539_674876814_oThe Tori Paitan ramen at Hinodeya Ramen Bar.  Cannot recommend enough!

Look how beautiful that ramen is… They only had two things on the menu, the dashi ramen with pork and a tori paitan ramen.  Shin got the pork and I went with the chicken and both were off the charts delicious.  The chicken was melt in your mouth delicious and the seafood dashi broth was probably the best ramen broth I’ve ever tried.  We need to get one of these in Seattle because I would eat this every day if I could!

After a bit of shopping and staring enviously at all of the other amazing looking restaurants in Japan Town we didn’t get to try, we grabbed another Uber over to AT&T Field  to check out the Giant’s stadium.  Shin and I are both huge baseball fans and we’ve made it our goal to see every MLB stadium on the west coast, unfortunately we couldn’t go inside the stadium, but we were able to check out the outside and the beautiful jogging trails around it, and shop around the Giant’s shop for some more gifts for his family.

Once we finished up there, it was just about time to go home!  We ate one last burger by our hotel and headed out to the airport.

All in all, it was a great mini-break in San Francisco!  I definitely wish we had a little bit more time because we didn’t manage to see (or eat) everything that I wanted to, but hopefully we’ll be back soon!  Shin took a few interviews with companies in the Bay Area so who knows, maybe our next adventure will land us out in California.

That’s all for now!  I hope everyone has enjoyed their long weekend!  Back to work tomorrow for my last four days!  So exciting!




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