Pre-Packing Anxiety: What you’ve missed

Ahoy there friends!


I really need to put some more effort into keeping this blog up to date, because now that the Big Move is getting closer, things are happening faster and faster and faster….

Here’s the break down of what you missed:

  1. Job applications!  So.  Many.  Job.  Applications.  Followed by 100 interviews followed by a LOT of rejection when employers learn I’m moving with my partner and therefore not flexible on location (most jobs that sponsor visas for foreigners will require you to be flexible on location, since they can send you anywhere in Japan once hired… since I’m going to be living with my boyfriend in one specific place flexibility was definitely tricky…)
  2. THE JOB OFFER!  After probably 5 panic attacks and crying to Shin and my Mom that I was never going to get a job and I was going to be stuck alone in the USA with no house no money no hopes and dreams I FINALLY got an offer from a company and got started on…..
  3. THE VISA PROCESS!  Japan requires you have a Certificate of Eligibility before you can roll up to the local consulate to get your visa and that’s where I currently am… waiting the 4-6 weeks (one friend warns me it’ll be 3 months, another said his got processed in 4 weeks during a busy time of the year… so I’m staying on the side of optimism) for my CoE to process so I can get my visa and get my plane ticket and start my new life abroad.

What’s next you ask? Well!  So fucking much it’s insane.

You know how I said that March was going to creep up on us and I wasn’t going to be prepared and I wouldn’t know what to do… Well guess who was right.

It’s February now and I have my letter of resignation all typed up and saved in my drafts for me to send to my boss this Friday, last day of work will be Feb 24!  I’m leaving my job earlier than is probably smart but I can’t stand this place anymore and I’m pretty much on track money wise, plus I’ll temp for my dad a few times a week to make up for any last minute cash crises (PRAYING my CoE doesn’t take more than a month and a half to process or we might be in big trouble).

After I’m done working and finally a Free Man it’s time to get serious about moving!~

I’ve had a lot of friends move abroad before, I’ve moved abroad before, but the big difference this time is I don’t have a “home base” anymore.  My parents are remodeling our family home basically as soon as I leave, and so they are also in the process of moving– so there will be no space for anything that is not coming to Japan with me.  Basically it’s coming to Japan, or its going to Goodwill.  Yikes.  This is something I’m having a very difficult time with, losing my safety net and the finality of this move.  Losing my safety net is so scary and it’s going to be really hard to adjust to my new life.

To make things harder, we’ll be living with Shin’s family home for our first few months… and there is very, very limited storage space.  So I have a feeling I’ll be having to buy a lot of things in Japan when we move into our new apartment that I could have brought from home, but couldn’t for the sake of space.  No matter how cute my mug collection is, is it worth it taking up limited space in both my bags and in my boyfriend’s family home for 6 months while we get on our feet?  Probably not.

So… how do you take 23 years worth of stuff and condense it down to the essentials and get rid of EVERYTHING ELSE.  I’m anxious just thinking about it!!

And I am not even someone who is very sentimental about things and items, my mom really drilled it into my head that if you don’t love it, it’s going to Goodwill.  I’ve always had a teeny room with limited space, I have very few knick-knacks and childhood items (those are long gone) but clothes will be my downfall. I’m a shopper, shopping is my hobby and I love fashion and clothes.  Even now when I’m like “OK Cait, stay on a budget, you’re moving, don’t buy ANYTHING” I’m still browsing shops and scrolling through online sales while I should be working… I’ve been pretty good but I bought a few items and I need to stop!

I’ve already gotten rid of A LOT of clothing that I was uncomfortable getting rid of, and definitely would still have if I didn’t have moving in the back of my mind, but there’s still so much more that needs to go. It’s too stressful to even start!

Does anyone have any tips on how to minimalize your wardrobe/your life?  Anyone else make a big move recently and have any life changing advice?  Please let me know, you’re my only hope!


That’s all for now!




5 thoughts on “Pre-Packing Anxiety: What you’ve missed

  1. J LeClair says:

    Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog and congrats on the big move. How is the packing going? I know it can be tough getting rid of stuff. I am contemplating a move in the future soon, and am already starting to sort through everything. Even though I live in a tiny graduate student apartment, I feel like I have so much stuff!! It is hard to figure out how to reduce it. Any tips? Or insights? Jessy


    • Cait says:

      Hi Jessy! Thanks! I love your blog I’ve been cruising through all afternoon at work hahaha. So far I haven’t really started packing yet, but I have a big giveaway box right next to my “laundry chair” so when I’m folding and putting away clothes, if its something that is definitely not going to Japan, it goes straight in the box. It cuts down on my folding time too haha! If I don’t love it enough to put the effort into putting it away, I don’t need it.
      Good luck!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • J LeClair says:

        Hi Cait! Aww thanks!! I am glad that I can be exciting enough to distract from work. (Although I suppose that depends on the work!) Ha ha. 🙂 Good luck with all your folding and packing and sorting. It is a big job. You speak Japanese right? I would love to learn how you study! I took Japanese in college and am always looking for creative ways to keep it up now that I am no longer taking classes. Jessy


      • Cait says:

        I actually don’t speak Japanese! I know enough to get by in a very basic setting (hello, goodbye, please help me, does this have pork in it, stuff of that nature lol) but not nearly enough to hold a conversation. I’ve been studying with the Genki book series but probably the first thing I’m going to do when we get to our new town is sign up for evening Japanese classes! I hope to get to JLPT level 5 by the end of the summer but we’ll see hahaha…

        Liked by 1 person

      • J LeClair says:

        Good luck with your language study!! I recently discovered this great site – – with tons of grammar lessons organized by level. Also is an awesome resource for people teaching themselves Japanese. I would highly recommend it! Hope the JLPT goes well, Jessy


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