BlogOWriMo Day…. 28?!: I Really Dropped the Ball on this One!

Ahoy there friends and family!


Let me cut right to the chase.  I messed up big time on my whole “BlogOWriMo” challenge.  After my last post life just got kind of super crazy super fast!  Lot’s of talking about the future with my boyfriend, planning our trip to Japan in December, got T-Boned while driving in the rain (we’re OK), studying Japanese like crazy, went on a mini-vacation to Vancouver, work work work work work, non-stop job applications, Pokémon came out, I beat my high score on tsumtsums (real important, I know), boyfriends phone broke over a month ago so lot’s of yelling at (EVIL CELLPHONE CORPORATION NAME REDACTED) on the status of a replacement, Thanksgiving crept up on us, and my car got broken into and the windows smashed right after a $200 bill was dropped on me from the rental company from the LAST TIME my car was in the shop!

WOW.  OK if I learned anything this month, it’s that I hate driving and the moment I never have to drive again will be the happiest day of my life.  Can we just all agree that cars are the worst and they cost too much money and will never love you and they really just need to go away forever? (No, I will not be taking the bus after my car is back from the shop.  I value my sleep too much.  Yes.  I’m awful, I know.)

But here I am at my desk, Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday, and of course no one came into the office today so I’m bored as all hell, so let’s give this blogging another go.


So it’s come to my attention that I’ve never really done a proper introduction on my blog.  Maybe I should put a bit more of a soul behind my whining and complaining.  I couldn’t find any sort of meme or anything I liked so I’m just going to do a 10 random facts about me.  Please feel free to do this as well, I’d love to get to know more people on here and see who you guys are!

Without further ado, here we go!

  1. I’m a huge junkie for true crime programs.  Serial, Making a Murderer, marathons of Snapped on Lifetime, all of those ridiculous JeanBonet Ramsey “documentaries” that came out a few weeks ago… That shit is my jam.  I actually studied law in university, was on the mock trial team in high school and had plans to go to law school, but I dropped that idea pretty dang fast as soon as I entered to work force.  So I’ll just keep up with my fellow armchair detectives on Facebook and leave the real law to the real lawyers.
  2. I’ve lived in Dublin, London, and did an exchange in Okinawa, Japan.  I love traveling, and when I graduated from uni the first thing I wanted to do was get more opportunities to travel.  I was accepted into a law school in Ireland and had plans to go, but chickened out at the last minute, the idea of spending the rest of my life doing law didn’t sound as appealing as it did when I was 18 and choosing a major.  Then I applied to a bunch of positions abroad, had a few offers in Japan and Korea, and ditched at the last minute again (I need to stop doing that!) when I had been dating my boyfriend for a few months.  Now that a new adventure is on the horizon I couldn’t be more excited!
  3. If I had to choose any career, I’d actually want to work in professional sports.  I spent a season working for a MLB team and had the time of my life, I was really disappointed I chose not to continue on to the next season, but by the time they offered me a slight promotion I’d already taken a new position at another job, which is a huge regret of mine and I hope to get back into working in sports on day.
  4. I have 2 cats, Simon and Jellybean, and one monster-puppy Olive.  Simon is the love of my life and if he was a person, he’d be a supervillain.  Jellybean is his neurotic older brother who we’ve had since I was 5 or 6 years old… yeah he’s ancient.  He won’t leave the basement and screams at me all day long.  He loves my boyfriend though so they’re best friends.  Olive is a 8 month old Labrador retriever and she’s so sweet but so, so so so bad.  She’s so bad.  We had a lab growing up and she was so fat and lazy and mellow so Olive is a complete 180 from her… we love Olive to bits but sometimes she just needs to calm the heck down.
  5. I just finally bought a Wii-U this year…  Just to play the Yoshi game.  I bought it like three weeks before they announced the new Switch system.  Also, I’m not lying when I say I’ve only ever bought one game at full price.  And that game was Pokémon Sun.  I only have Yoshi and Pikmen for my Wii-U and I want to play it more so I need more games but I refuse to buy games at full price and nothing ever goes on sale so we’re stuck in an endless cycle here…
  6. Driving is the worst and I got my license just this year when I was 22.  I hate driving and if I never had to do it again it would be too soon.  But I still drive everywhere because it sure beats waiting in the rain for the bus…
  7. I love Kpop.  In 2016 alone I’ve seen Big Bang, EXO, BAP, and Got7.  I was going to see CL but the show was on a Monday night and I know if I go to a concert Monday night there’s no way on earth I’m going to work Tuesday morning.  So sad I missed her though.
  8. My boyfriend and I watch a lot of youtube bloggers of American-Japanese couples and the differences they find between Japan and America, just so we can get mad and complain about how wrong they are.  Most of the Americans are from areas or cities SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than where we live now so we just get really passionate when they say that Japan is so much more expensive than America. (Really? Please tell me more how you had to pay $11 for a movie ticket.)  Compared to our city, Tokyo is a budgeters dream.
  9. On that note, I still live with my parents!  I’m a chump!
  10. All I want is a shiba inu.  I love them so much and I was so close to adopting one last year, but I’m in no place to take care of a dog by myself right now.  So I’ll just stare longingly at pictures of them until one day I can have my own…


And there’s 10!  We did it!  Hope you guys found that somewhat interesting, let me know some random facts about you as well so I seem less lame.

Here’s hoping I get better at this whole blog-situation.








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